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Quick Guide to Homemade Cleaning Products

No one can avoid the dreaded task of cleaning. Whether you clean your home, office, or other areas on a regular basis, or once in a blue moon - it still needs to be done. This means you will need cleaning supplies! Do you run to the store and pick up specific brands? Save yourself some time by crafting your own cleaning products at home!

All-Purpose Cleaner

One of the first things you'll need is a general, all-purpose cleaner for your home. This is one of the easiest items to make. You'll need:

Mix the vinegar, essential oils, and some water in a clean spray bottle. Then, add the baking soda and fill the entire bottle with water. Shake gently to mix the ingredients. This can be used on a variety of surfaces and won't damage sensitive materials!

Shine Your Windows

Wipe down your glass without leaving behind streaks. Cornstarch is the secret ingredient to shine your windows without the hassle of streaks! Combine one cup of hot water and one cup of rubbing alcohol first. Then, whisk in four tablespoons of cornstarch. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle to spritz the glass. Wipe the area down with a microfiber cloth.

Two-Ingredient Cleaner

Two of the easiest ingredients you have laying around the house - dish soap and water. Dish soap can be used for a variety of different surfaces like stainless steel, tile floors, and kitchen appliances! Mix warm water with your dish soap you have on hand and get to cleaning! You can wipe down the excess liquid with a microfiber cloth to eliminate any lint or debris from accumulating.

Smell Fresh

Are you a fan of essential oils? It's simple to craft a homemade air freshener for your home. Mix together water and 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil! Depending on the strength of the smell will determine how much of the oil you use. You can place the mixture in a spray bottle as well and spritz it into the air to refresh the space.

At Timshel Apothecary, we handcraft small batches of simple, aromatherapeutic, and rejuvenating products to use in your home and on your body. Our products are guaranteed to protect you, your family, and your home from harmful toxins providing peace of mind through a holistic and natural alternative. Timshel Apothecary's top priority is the overall well-being of our customers and the environment. We aim to create a harmonious relationship between the two through education and sustainable practices.

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