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  • Alex Sherman

DIY: Refreshing Face Mist

Spring is coming and for some reason it always makes us think about refreshing things to put on our bodies, one of our favorites being face mists! The perfect compliment to a freshly cleaned and moisturized face or also a perfect way to help set makeup before going out, we also LOVE to just give ourselves a spritz randomly to perk us up!

You can play around with what you want to use in terms of essential oils but your base should always include the following:

  • Distilled Water- minerals are awesome for the water we ingest but for this you want pure water, nothing else.

  • Aloe Vera- The moisturizing benefits are outstanding and it helps relieve inflammation

  • Witch Hazel- An amazing astringent and even better if you can find some without alcohol (it's difficult)

For ratios we suggest playing around and finding your perfect blend. We do suggest 3/4 water and the remaining 1/4 being split between the aloe vera and witch hazel

For essential oils, we also suggest playing with it. We would recommend ensuring you stay away from citrus essential oils as they can cause damage to your skin if they come in contact with UV rays, which they will if they're on your face. At the apothecary we love our Rose Water if you're not in the mood to play around with your own/

We also can help you with containers and raw ingredients, just let us know you want to come by and we can meet with you in our apothecary and help you make your own!

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