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Proper Skincare for the Fall Season

Now that the temperature is changing to cooler weather, your skincare routine needs to change with it! Everyone knows your routine relies on the weather and environment around you, and when the climate shifts, your skin adjusts to it. Here are some tips and tricks to help care for your skin and keep it glowing throughout this autumn season!

Moisturize More

During summer, you are sweating more often, which leads to more build-up on your skin. This means you use different, lighter moisturizers. However, for fall and the cooler seasons, you need to switch out your moisturizer for something thicker. Adding more hydration to your skin during these dry months will help to keep your skin glowing!

Luscious Lips

One feature that tends to get ignored during the summer is your lips! With all the oils and sweat, your skin stays slightly more dewy than normal, and this includes your lips. Chapstick is popular during the hot season, but make sure you switch to a moisturizing chapstick or gloss for the cooler months. This will help keep your lips from becoming dry and cracking due to the dry weather.

Cut Back on Exfoliating

Your skin tends to be drier during the fall, and less exfoliating is required. Instead, invest in masks with moisturizers, or clarifying ingredients. This helps keep your skin refreshed without drying it out too much. Many people want dewy, fresh looking skin and this will help maintain that look throughout the dry season that's coming.

Vitamin C Brightness

This is also a great time to start taking some Vitamin C supplements. This boosts collagen and helps brighten your complexion. Once summer is over, more people tend to stay inside and don't get as much Vitamin C through the sun naturally. Supplements are also a great mood booster which will give you an edge before the cold, winter season.

The most important thing to remember as the temperatures drop is to keep yourself hydrated. This will help prevent your skin from drying out and resulting in flaky, uneven complexions. Incorporating natural products into your routine will also help your skin gently transition into the autumn season.

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