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5 Tips to Maintain Glowing Skin for the Summer

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Get Naturally Glowing Skin This Summer

With summer comes fun activities and outdoor adventures. This can expose your skin to the sun and other environmental factors. The sun creates a beautiful tan, but can also be harmful as well. Sweating during the summer also generates more natural oil from your body, which can wreak havoc on your complexion. Here are some cheats and secrets to maintaining glowing skin all summer long!

Cleanse Regularly

Everyone knows you should have a daily routine to wash your face after the day is over to remove all the grime collected. However, sweating in the heat will clog your pores even more, so it's important to use a cleanser for your skin type. Whether you have dry, combination, or oily skin, ensure your cleanser is targeting those trouble areas. Incorporate cleansing your face twice a day in the morning and evening during summer to eliminate dirt collected on your skin.

Shower Quickly

Using lukewarm water and showering for short periods of time is always recommended. This is even more important during the summer. Keeping your skin's natural moisture is important, especially in the heat. Being mindful of your body wash is also important, switching it out to something that both cleanses and moisturizes.

Wear Sunscreen

Even if you aren't laying out to tan or hanging out in the pool, wearing a daily sunscreen should become a part of your daily routine. This will protect your skin from being exposed to harsh UV rays regularly. Most people tend to be outdoors more often in the summer, and this can be rough for some people if their skin isn't used to being exposed except for one season a year. Don't worry, you will still get a healthy glow even with sunscreen on!

Drink and Exercise

Remembering to hydrate and drink water constantly throughout the day will help your natural oils keep your skin glowing! This also will flush out any toxins in your body that might clog pores. Additionally, don't get rid of your regular exercise! Summertime tends to become a lazier, fun time for people due to the weather. Exercising will keep your blood flowing, which helps with oxygen to your skin and can help improve your complexion.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Anytime you're in the sun too long, you have the chance to get sunburnt. This makes it important to remove the dead skin that peels when the redness of the burn goes away. This eliminates the appearance of dull skin by removing any lingering dead cells. It helps to refresh your skin and reveals the new, glowing skin underneath.

Summertime tends to be easier on the skin than the harsh, dry winter months, but people with naturally more oily skin struggle during these months. Incorporating these tips into your routine will help you maintain glowing skin to show off during the summer, as well as, improve the overall health of your complexion. One of the most important things to consider is the use of natural products that give you that summertime glow.

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