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DIY Handcrafted Home Decor

Personalize your homes with an artistic touch crafted by you! Decorating your home can be a challenge. Choosing the right decor sets up your daily space surrounding you, and showcases your taste to visitors. Add a personal touch to your home by crafting your own home decor and displaying your works of art!

Candle Additions

One of the easiest DIY crafts to tackle first - candles! Beginners should stick with crafting these first because they are simple and inexpensive. You can also choose which smells or fragrances you want in your home. You will need a few things to get started:

  • candle-making soy wax

  • large candle wicks

  • bottle of fragrance oil

  • spatula

  • heat-proof container

  • double boiler

  • thermometer

  • pair of chopsticks or pencils

Create your own fragrant candles with this guide.

Wall Decor

Showcase a beautiful wall piece in your dining room or living room. Creating a rope mirror is cheap and simple, but looks like an intricate piece of art! You'll only need 1 spool of jute twine, 14 inch round mirror, Painter's tape, and nails. Follow this tutorial for a complete walkthrough of this project. You can also create mirror collages on a full wall by buying different types and sizes of mirrors. This gives the illusion of a designer home without the cost. Wall art can be a staple in any room and inexpensive if you DIY!

Centerpiece Vases

Typically, eyes are drawn to the center of the room. This tends to be a coffee table, dining room table, etc. when someone enters the room. Centerpieces are a great addition to any home to pull the entire area together. Vases are easy DIY projects for home decor crafts. One of the simplest vases to create is an artsy painted one. Choose paints in the colors you want and pour the paint inside of a clear vase. Tilt the vase back and forth to spread the paint around the interior. You can leave the lines uneven and create a wave effect if you want!

Personalized Embroidery

Embroidery is an easy craft to master with practice. It's a bit more complex than some other home projects because it's a skill built over time. However, it can be done to a variety of items! Embroidery can be done on pillows, clothes, wall decor, and most cloth items. You can hang pieces on your wall, decorate your couch pillows, and other items throughout your home. Here are some kits to give you the materials to get started!

Most home decor crafts are simple when you have a tutorial/guide to walk you through the process. This allows you to personalize your home with your unique touch! With the amount of time spent in your house lately, this will add some additional projects to your plate and introduce new decor to your space.

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