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Cook Naturally for Your Family This Holiday

Many look forward to Thanksgiving for family and quality time, but even more wait for the holiday food! Thanksgiving food tends to happen only once a year, and people take advantage of it. They make big meals with savory food and sweet treats. However, have you ever considered what goes into your food? Are you serving your family delicious, but healthy meals?

Common Dishes

Everyone has signature dishes they look forward to for Thanksgiving. From the main dish of turkey to stuffing and cranberry sauce, there's always something to chow down on. Most desserts are pies of all kinds - pecan, peanut butter, chocolate. No one imagines Thanksgiving foods to be healthy and people always plan ahead to prepare for the stuffing of food!


If you're like 88% of America, you cook a turkey as your main dish for Thanksgiving. Whether you eat meat or not, make sure to choose an ethically-sourced turkey. Many local farms will begin raising turkeys when they are nearing the holiday season, knowing everyone will be buying them. Buying locally supports the community you live in, and you also know the turkeys lived healthy, kind lives. For others that don't eat meat, there are alternative meat substitutions that you can purchase as well.

Savory Sides

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is pick the sides. Picking vegetables for your dishes makes it healthier and natural because you are eating options grown naturally! Picking organically grown veggies and seasoning them with recipes are a popular choice for people. Whether you are using carrots, broccoli or even cranberries and sweet potatoes, these are all natural options if you are making them yourself.

Decadent Dessert

The hardest part of Thanksgiving to make naturally and healthy are the desserts. Most of the sugars and flour that might go in your recipe has been processed. This means, it isn't the healthiest option. You can replace your normal sugar with other options like coconut sugar or monk fruit extract which bakes the same as regular. This is an easy switch that no one will notice.

Another great option is to buy your eggs locally that you use as well in your recipes and meals. They haven't been processed and also goes toward supporting local business and community. Making small changes will help to push you toward a more natural, healthy lifestyle. Thanksgiving is a great way to push someone in that direction.

Other opportunities are to make small changes in your daily routines as well. Timshel Apothecary handcrafts small batches of simple, aromatherapeutic, and rejuvenating products to use in your home and on your body. Our products are guaranteed to protect you, your family, and your home from harmful toxins providing peace of mind through a holistic and natural alternative. Timshel Apothecary's top priority is the overall well-being of our customers and the environment. We aim to create a harmonious relationship between the two through education and sustainable practices.

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