Citrus Blossom Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Citrus Blossom Floor Cleaner Concentrate

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Our signature blend is handcrafted to help sanitize multiple floor surfaces making them glow naturally.

Instructions: Dilute 1:4 product to water. 

Please shake well. Do not use on stone surfaces.

-All Ingredients are Earth-Friendly

-One Gallon

  • Ingredients

    Citrus sinensis essential oil (Orange), Citrus limonum essential oil (Lemon),  Syzygium aromaticum essential oil (Clove), Pogostemon cablin essential oil (Patchouli) and Distilled White Vinegar. 


  • Aroma Notes

    • Woodsy
    • Earthy

    • Warm

    • Touch of Sweetness

  • Aromatherapeutic Properties

    • Orange: Revitalizing, Awakening, Cheering, Refreshing

    • Patchouli: Stimulant, Aphrodisiac, Soothing, Sensual, Romantic

    • Clove: Warming, Comforting

  • Cleansing Properties

    • Antiseptic- Orange essential oil, Patchouli Essential Oil

    • Antimicrobial- Patchouli Essential Oil

    • Disinfectant- Distilled White Vinegar

    • Antibacterial- Distilled White Vinegar

    • Antitoxic- Patchouli Essential Oil

    • Antiviral- Patchouli Essential Oil

    • Bactericidal & Fungicidal- Patchouli Essential Oil

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