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Citrus Basil Glass Cleaner Spray

Citrus Basil Glass Cleaner Spray

SKU: 019

Our signature blend is handcrafted to to give a spot free shine on glass surfaces.. Separation is natural.


Use: Please shake well.


-16 oz-


All Ingredients are Earth-Friendly.


Handcrafted with Love. 

  • Ingredients

    Citrus racemosa essential oil (Pink Grapefruit), Citrus limonumessential oil (Lemon), Citrus aurantifolia essential oil (Lime), Ocimum basilcumessential oil (Basil), Pure Cornstarch, Distilled White Vinegar & Distilled Water.

  • Aroma Notes

    • Fresh
    • Citrus Peels
    • Hint of Sweetness
    • Mint 
    • Touch of Smoke
    • Crisp
  • Aromatherapeutic Properties

    • Basil: Prized in Ayurvedic medicines for its ability to strengthen faith, compassion and clarity. Energizing.
    • Pink Grapefruit: Reputed to ease nervous exhaustion and relieve depression. Also known as the "Spiritual Uplifting" oil. 
    • Lemon: Enhances Concentration
    • Lime: Revitalizing, Uplifting, Refreshing, Cheering



    *Not intended to cure or diagnose but to be informational. None of these claims are approved by the FDA

  • Cleansing Properties

    • Antiseptic- Distilled White Vinegar, Lemon Essential Oil
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