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Treat Your Pets to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle!

Many people have loving pets in their homes, whether it's a dog, cat, or another little critter. These animals become like family and often are treated as children. Animal lovers everywhere want to keep their pets happy and healthy throughout their lives so that they are happy and live life to the fullest! Here are some small tips and tricks to switching your home and pet to a more eco-friendly lifestyle with you!

Plastic Toys

Plastic toys are one of the most common items that can be found in the average household. However, they can be harmful to both the environment and your pet! If you have an animal that likes to chew these toys into pieces, some dogs will ingest the plastic which is extremely dangerous. This also means you are often getting rid of toys and throwing them into the trash, which doesn't decompose. Instead, try buying recyclable toys that they can have fun with! There are companies that specifically make eco-friendly toys that are healthy for your pets.

Adopt Your Furry Friends

One important thing to remember is to adopt your animals! There are so many animals in shelters that need homes and a family to live with. Shopping for a dog or cat means that people will continue to breed the animals because they are making money off it, while you have animals sitting in shelters that need a family. This also means spaying/neutering your animals once you have them, that way we help with the stray problem in our areas.

Natural Shampoos

Use natural shampoos when you are washing your animals. When they need a bath, you don't want to use anything that could possibly be toxic to your pet. The best way to solve this problem is by buying eco-friendly products. Don't put anything on them that you wouldn't put on yourself! If you need to use flea/tick medication or serums, please choose wisely which ones you are using to avoid harming your dog or cat.

Take Walks

If you live in areas that are close together and you have stores and other places within walking distance, take your pet! Dogs love going on walks and you are saving on emissions by not driving your car. If you're walking your dog to the store to take care of errands, you are also making them happy and spending quality time with them. Even some cats enjoy going outside and walking on a leash, or you can take them with you in the cat carrier backpacks that have become popular!

Feed them Healthy Food

There are eco-friendly toy companies, and the same can be said for natural food products. Instead of feeding your pets something that you don't know the ingredients of, try a natural company. This way, you know exactly what ingredients are being fed to your pets and you keep make sure you are keeping them healthy. Eco-friendly foods are healthier and non-toxic for your furry friends because it is made with their health in mind!

Ultimately, if you are going on the journey to becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly, you want to make sure you are doing the same with everyone in your household, including pets! This allows you to lessen your carbon footprint and make sure you and your pets are both staying healthy.

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