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Handcrafting Your Holiday Ornaments

Most people love decorating for the holiday season and showing their spirit! Even with a few Grinches out there, people always have some type of ritual or tradition they do every year. Whether you put up hundreds of lights outside your home or have a few small holiday decorations inside, nearly everyone has a modest Christmas tree. Decorating your tree can be one of the most fun aspects of the season, with family members and friends helping you with the task. To make your Christmas even more special, here are some ideas for handmade holiday decor!

Snowglobe Bottle Ornaments

Do you drink a lot of soda or water? Recycle your used bottles into Christmas ornaments! This will save you money on buying any decorations by creating a unique snowglobe. Begin by cutting the bottom of your bottle off and filling it with salt or sugar. Add old Christmas figurines for some holiday spunk. Cut the top of the bottle and attach it with glue to the bottom piece. You can hide the line by wrapping fabric or cloth around it. Poke a hole through the cap and insert a sturdy hook to hang it on your tree!

Sparkling Ball Ornaments

CDs have become a thing of the past with Bluetooth and new technology for your home and cars. Are you afraid to toss your old mixed CDs away? You can recycle them to cover boring, old ornaments. If you have clear or simple ball ornaments for your tree, cut up your CDs to add a sparkle to them! Glue the pieces to the ball in any design you wish, but it gives the appearance of abstract art. If you have ornaments that are hard to cover with just the CDs, you can always add glue and dip them in glitter to restore their shine!

Natural Decor

Who has trees in their yard that sheds acorns or pinecones? Instead of raking them up and throwing them away, consider using them on your trees! Pinecones can easily be used to blend into your Christmas tree by simply adding a bow to them. To add even more of a sparkle, add glitter to the edges or dip them in gold/silver paint! Acorns are a bit harder due to their size, but you can dip them in glitter or paint and use them as small accents for your tree.

Starburst Topper

One of the most important parts of your tree is the topper! It pulls everything together at the end to finalize your beautiful Christmas tree. Try a starburst topper this year. This method is incredibly easy, and doesn't cost much! Remember pipe cleaners from elementary school when you had craft time? Buy the colors that best match your theme on your tree. All you have to do is wrap them around one another on one end and spread the open ends out to look like a starburst!

Whether you have a fake or real tree, homemade decorations or store-bought, everyone shows their Christmas spirit in different ways. However, creating handmade decorations can feel more personal and meaningful. Businesses also handcraft items for the holidays as well.

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