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4 Ways to Celebrate Holidays Eco-Friendly

Everyone celebrates the holidays in their own special ways. Some families have rituals or traditions that they incorporate every year. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or other holidays, there are small changes you can follow to make it more eco-friendly. This is important for future generations, and won't impact the way you spend your holiday. Here are a few small changes to make this year to help preserve our environment long term.

Fine China

Many people have family and friends over for the holidays and they cook large meals for their guests. However, some people prefer to serve the dishes on plastic or paper plates and use plastic utensils. Even though it makes the cleanup faster in some cases, it is better to use glass dishes and metal silverware. If you have fine China, this is the perfect time to showcase it! This helps to avoid any of the paper and plastic going to the landfill and collecting over time.

Shopping Online

This year, shopping online is more prevalent than it is has ever been. People are avoiding going out unnecessarily when they can, which in turn means you are doing your gift shopping online. This helps to reduce your carbon footprint because you aren't jumping in your car and driving around. Your fuel usage decreases, which also means you are saving money in the meantime as well because you're not buying gas as often. If you must go out and shop, try to limit your trips. Combine your grocery shopping with gift shopping and either go to the mall to have access to multiple shops, or go to places like Target or Walmart.

If you are a buyer who purchases gift cards, try buying them online! This sends them digitally to your friends and family which also helps to save paper in the long run as well.

Drink Organic & Cook From Scratch

Holidays come with plenty of food and alcoholic drinks as well when you are having fun with your families. Cooking from scratch makes the moment more special because you are crafting the food by hand for your family. Additionally, this saves from using more waste because you aren't tossing as much plastic, cans, or paper from premade items.

For drinks to serve your guests, you can purchase organic wine or microbrew beers! This helps support your local wineries and breweries as well because you are giving them your business rather than big businesses.

Holiday Outfits

Many people dress up or Christmas and New Year's Day, hoping to showcase their new purchases or outfits. However, reusing or re-purposing old outfits can create a new look without having to spend the money and shop. Glitter is a huge look for New Year's and many people buy a new outfit each year. Think about mixing and matching pieces from old outfits to showcase a new look. This allows you to wear something that appears new, without going out and spending the money!

For holiday decorations or anything, there are options to be eco-friendly as well! Check out Eco-Friendly Maid Service's blog about holiday decorations. There are ways to decorate and still be friendly to the environment by using natural products or crafting your own decorations!

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