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3 Uses for Citrus Oils in Cleaning

Citrus oils are a primary ingredient in eco-friendly cleaning products. The natural acidity helps to sanitize and clean surfaces, identical to regular products you buy from the store. However, the main difference between these is the natural ingredients are more gentle for the environment! This allows you to eliminate dirt, bacteria, and grime from your house and surfaces while keeping the area safe for your family and friends.

Imagine crafting your own cleaning products from your fruits that you buy from the store, and cleaning with just these! It can be done, but it is more efficient when you combine these citrus-based oils with other natural ingredients as well. This is where professionals can come in handy because they know the proper oils to also blend with the citrus for the best results! So, what can you use citrus-based cleaners on in your home?

Sanitizing Your Kitchen!

Lemon, lime, and other strong fruits can easily sanitize the surfaces in your kitchen. When you regularly maintain the cleanliness of your home, it is easy to mix some lemon oil with water and spraying this on your counters, appliances, and other items in your kitchen. Allow it to sit for several minutes before wiping away with a microfiber cloth. The citrus oils break down bacteria and other harmful contaminants to sanitize the areas. This helps to maintain the freshness of your home between deep cleanings.

Eliminating Bacteria & Tough Grease

One of the great things a citrus-based cleaner can do is act as an antiseptic. That means it will get rid of fungus and bacteria! Oranges are one of the best natural antiseptics that occur naturally. You can use the oil and combine it with other essential oils to also get rid of tough grease! It breaks down grease naturally and leaves behind a fresh smell, rather than the usual chemical smell of other degreasers.

Cleaning Your Carpets

Most people don't realize you can also use these citrus-based oils on your carpet! Mix the oil of your choice, normally lemon or orange with baking soda and let it absorb for several hours. Sprinkle this on your carpet and allow it to sit on it overnight. Vacuum it the next day and this helps to refresh your carpet. The citrus penetrates the fibers in your carpet to sanitize the area and also leaves it smelling fresh!

Overall, anything that is citrus-based with essential oils helps to sanitize most surfaces. Additionally, it refreshes the area and leaves behind a fresh smell throughout the house. This can help you maintain your home naturally, allowing no toxic chemicals to enter your household. To keep your family members healthy and safe, using handmade eco-friendly products eliminates the issue of harsh cleaning products.

Timshel Apothecary handcrafts small batches of simple, aromatherapeutic, and rejuvenating products to use in your home and on your body. Our products are guaranteed to protect you, your family, and your home from harmful toxins providing peace of mind through a holistic and natural alternative. Timshel Apothecary's top priority is the overall well-being of our customers and the environment. We aim to create a harmonious relationship between the two through education and sustainable practices.

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